Unveiling a Game-Changing Partnership: Collaborates with OKX and offers Trading Bots for free.


Special Partnership Announcement

We are elated to unveil a special partnership between and OKX, aimed at enhancing the trading journey for all Runbot users. This alliance allows Runbot traders to use trading bots at no cost and without limits when directly connected to OKX. 

This unlocks a free Runbot experience including trading-bot strategy creation, advanced backtesting, access to over 30 free indicators, and unlimited bots—your gateway to automated trading now.


OKX, recognized as one of the world’s major exchanges, is known for its sturdy reputation, significant liquidity, exceptional trading order execution and webhook system. This platform has continually shown dedication to providing an impeccable trading environment, a commitment further underlined through this collaboration., on the other hand, is a user-friendly, no-coding-required and free platform that makes trading bots highly accessible for everyone. 

It’s an outstanding tool for crafting and executing professional-level automated trading strategies. It offers exclusive trading rules and indicators like Orderflow, VWAP, Open Interest, Liquidations, AI-based indicators, alongside classic ones like RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD… 



Moreover, its unique NFT marketplace to buy or sell automated strategies enables quick onboarding into the world of Algo-trading, allowing traders to easily invest in high-performing strategies crafted by Elite traders.



This partnership marks a milestone as it’s the first time a tool as powerful as Runbot is offered for free to propose trading bots on OKX. By melding OKX’s solid exchange platform with’s advanced bot trading features, we’re simplifying and enhancing the automated trading experience.

Together, we pave the way for traders to access robust tools, setting a new standard in the trading crypto markets. This collaboration not only augments the trading environment but also invites a future of endless trading possibilities on OKX.

See our documentation to connect Runbot & OKX in 2 minutes here or learn more on the OKX Academy paper.


Start your automated trading journey for free now on with OKX.



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