Revolutionize Your Trading with the AI-Powered Harmonia Indicators: Now on Runbot!


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the exclusive integration of a groundbreaking tool into the Runbot platform — the Harmonia indicators, powered entirely by artificial intelligence.

Introducing Harmonia


Harmonia AI Trend Indicator by Runbot

You also have the option to trade Harmonia data using two alternative methods on Runbot. We have developed a unique RSI and EMA indicators specifically designed to work with this data.


Harmonia AI RSI Indicator by Runbot
Harmonia AI EMA indicator by Runbot


Harmonia Indicators and Runbot: A Winning Combination

We have incorporated various familiar indicator triggers to ensure that you encounter no difficulties when trading with these new indicators:

In Zone trigger and Cross value trigger for the AI Trend.
In Zone, Cross and Sustain percent triggers for the AI EMA.
In Zone, Cross level, Sustain level, Divergence and Pullback in zone triggers are available for the AI RSI.


Why Choose Harmonia on Runbot?


How to access the Harmonia Indicators?

Just as with all Community Indicators (find out more here), you must hold a Harmonia NFT to run a strategy using these indicators. However, you can begin backtesting the indicators at no cost, even without owning any NFT! Test the indicator using the backtest engine, build your #AI Strategy, and once you’re confident, acquire your NFT to start trading!

You can also use the indicator and analyze live-values directly on our TradingView chart if you hold the NFT ((otherwise, a 1 week delay is applied on last datas).

A 30% discount is offered until October 3.


  • 1 month: 0,055 ETH
  • 2 months: 0,1 ETH
  • 3 months: 0,144 ETH

Harmonia Indicators are available on our marketplace here.


Please note, once your Harmonia NFT subscription expires, you won’t be able to execute a strategy with the AI indicators. You’ll need to obtain a new subscription NFT.


Take your trading to the next level with the power of AI. Try Harmonia on Runbot today!

To learn more about Harmonia and the team behind it, you can visit here.
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