Now Connect your Runbot trading Alerts to Alertatron!

Partnership Announcement!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Alertatron, a platform renowned for its ability to convert trading alerts into automated execution orders on cryptocurrency exchanges, alongside its seamless connection to a myriad of top-tier exchanges and a thriving marketplace for copy trading. This alliance marks a significant stride towards enhancing the trading strategies available to users by leveraging the strengths of both platforms.

Here’s a glimpse into the core offerings of this partnership:

  1. Connection to Top-Tier Exchanges:
    • This partnership broadens the scope by offering connections to about ten top-tier exchanges through Alertatron’s robust interface. This feature is designed to provide traders with a plethora of trading opportunities across different platforms.
  2. Access to Alertatron’s Copy Trading Marketplace:
    • A notable advantage is the access to Alertatron’s marketplace for copy trading, a platform where traders can follow and replicate the strategies of seasoned traders.
  3. Enhanced Automated Trading:
    • The trading bots provided through this collaboration are engineered to dovetail with Alertatron’s system, thereby allowing traders to automate their trading strategies efficiently. This aims to save valuable time and potentially augment the accuracy and profitability of their trades.


Use the code “Runbot” on Alertatron to enjoy a 10% discount!

See our documentation here to connect Runbot and Alertatron.

In sum, our partnership with opens up new trading horizons by connecting users to top exchanges and copy trading markets, while streamlining your strategies with advanced automation. We’re excited to empower our community with these expanded capabilities.

Best regards,

Runbot Team


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